Top complications with Occupy Antartica

Occupy WallstreetDidn’t we all think the occupy movement would die quickly?  It didn’t.

It grew to occupy New York, North Korea, drunk tanks, the White House, and every Democrat organization ever created, now, even after running out of pizza and asked nicely, they won’t leave.

Party time!

We know they were welcome with open arms to North Korea and the White House but other places needed to be pacified.

You would think it would be easy when you know your absolutely right about everything.  As it turns out the 99% really like hanging out in the one percenter’s pads.

I would think by now Occupy should be happy with all the success but the founders have found out about a place that requires occupation more than Michael Moore’s mansion.

Antarctica is known by some to be desolate and unforgiving, but not the Occupy movement.  After watching Inconvenient Truth 14 times, they knew that by now the Arctic would be pretty warm.

They went to REI and stocked up on pup tents and fruit snacks.  They bought kickass cameras, candy bars, flip flops and extra underwear.  If there is any group ready rescue the Polar Bears, it’s Occupy.

You would think it would be easier than occupying Hawaii being there are no cops to ask you to leave after all night binges on someone else’s property with a half barrel and sponge bob reruns.

Antarctica – a little tougher occupation

You would think they would notice the cold as they got closer to the South Pole, but not Occupy.

Half were looking for the poor polar bears and the other half Santa.

If it weren’t for the extra nickel bags, the first few days would have been ugly.  After a few days of -30 degrees and 60 mph gusts of wind, they started noticing something wrong.

How could it not be sunny and 90 as predicted by the Oracle Al Gore himself?

Could it be that his predictions could be off even a slight bit?  Not a chance!  You know it’s just bad weather.

After three glorious days of kicking a few penguins and more than a few cases of frozen limbs, it was decided.  What the hell?  Let’s go home!

It was a great victory!