Climate change causing ducks to lose their heads


Startling new evidence of climate change has just been released.  The debate is over.  97% of scientists agree climate change is causing ducks to lose their heads.

The photographic proof is traumatic for the very young and old to witness but it needs to be shared for future generations who will never know their joyous quacks.

Ever since records began in 1974, ducks heads were %99.744 attached but as climate change came more into effect, the rate has been steadily getting worse.  The new study shows a startling downturn much faster than predicted.  After only four decades it is now down to %99.743.

The problem scientists are now seeing is not having enough funding to research which other animals are also at risk.  “We have heard of Woolly Mammoth heads lying around which is really scaring the warming out of us” exclaimed one anonymous scientist.